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Explore resources that will provide you insights on finance and cloud technology to make the right ERP decision for your organization.

Top 10 Tips for smarter ERP system selection

The future health of your company depends on having the right ERP system for your business. There are many choices, and system selection can be challenging. Each supplier will proclaim the superiority of its products, but only you can decide which system best fits your needs...

When is it time to replace your ERP system

Your ERP system is at the heart of your business and nobody looks forward to a heart transplant. Yet, if the system is not supporting the needs of the business, limits your flexibility or inhibits customer service, a replacement is called for.

ERP system replacement is a major business decision, and a major commitment of time and resources, so there has to be good reason to even consider it. So, how do you know when it’s the right time to change to a new ERP system?... 

Clear signs you've outgrown QuickBooks

When you were just starting your business, you decided to manage your finances on Intuit QuickBooks. You made the right choice. QuickBooks is an ideal accounting platform for businesses in their earliest stages of growth. It’s affordable and easy to set up. And because it’s an industry-standard product, you can easily find accounting staff who will be comfortable using it.

But there comes a time in every business’ lifecycle when QuickBooks is no longer enough. And even if you’re using QuickBooks Enterprise—the most robust version of the platform—you’ve probably run into frustrations that have only intensified as your business has continued to grow.

There’s a clear difference between QuickBooks and ERP. Is your business ready for a full ERP system? Here are 12 common signs you’ve outgrown QuickBooks...

How to find out which ERP best fits your needs

Having the right ERP system is critically important for the future health of your company. While it may be true that ERP systems are more alike than different – all contain the same core functionality, more or less – those relatively minor differences are what make the system appropriate, usable and beneficial to your organization. There are many ERP products available, and many products are offered in variations that are “tailored” to specific industries. Each supplier will tout the superiority of its products, but only you can decide which system best fits your needs. Here is how...

CFO: How to achieve a high level of auditability

Auditors of financial statements dream of quick, easy, and uneventful audit engagements just as much as the Modern CFO does. Auditability depends on a business’s financial recording policies and procedures, effective internal controls, and the willingness of a company’s executives to provide its external auditors with requested data and information... 

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