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The eBanking module can eliminate the time consuming process of printing, signing, stuffing and mailing A/P checks.  You can quickly select your EFT vendors’ vouchers, post them to Microsoft Dynamics SL, electronically transmit them to your bank and automatically send them an email notification.  What had taken hours, now takes only minutes. Your vendor’s banking information is automatically merged with your Microsoft Dynamics SL A/P payment selection and the EFT file is automatically created and sent


Whether you use a single database or multiple databases for multiple companies, eBanking can handle the job.  Payment selection for a single account or multiple accounts within single or multiple companies is fully supported.  Employees/vendors can be paid in the correct format for their banking system, and the banking information can come from different checking account/subaccounts. Wire Transfer Plus handles the non-US payments.

eBanking Security

Account Number Approval helps you protect yourself from unauthorized changing of your vendors’ bank account numbers.  Amount Approval gives you the ability to set dollar limits and require one or multiple approvers to release funds above those limits. You can designate a list of approvers who can approve amounts at two levels, then specify how many approvers are required to release payments above those levels.

Multiple File Formats

For use in the US, eBanking creates NACHA standard files.  This standard insures that funds transfer will work seamlessly with all US banks.  For use outside the US, see Wire Transfer Plus .  EFT setup options allow for easy one-time configurations to match your bank’s requirements. File formats can be developed for any bank...

Automated Emails

Email notification can be set up to automatically inform your vendors and customers of their EFT payment or debit.  Detailed voucher or invoice information, along with totally configurable email text, subject, from/to and other options, provides for custom crafted messages sent to your vendors and customers.  Where you are paying a large list of vouchers for a vendor, that list may be provided as an attachment to the email.eBanking.

Flexible Communication

The eBanking Suite streamlines processing through various communication options, beginning with full browser/FTP support.  The process of creating and sending the EFT file to your bank is just a few mouse clicks away.  Additionally, if your bank requires login and/or complicated interaction, scripting support can automate the process.  Scripting will also support situations where your bank requires you to use their communications software.

Seamless Integration

Simply by segregating EFT vendors from computer check vendors, the EFT process works identically to the normal A/P Check batch flow.  This segregation process is automated with the Payment Selection Filter application – part of EFT.  The Payment Selection Filter can place EFT transactions in Computer or Manual check batches, depending on setup options.  All EFT transmissions are recorded in Microsoft Dynamics SL and your vendor history can show the payments made via EFT (vs. check).

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